How We Can Help

Our mission at Global Food Partners is to help food businesses implement animal welfare and sustainable sourcing solutions, with a focus on cage-free egg procurement in Asia.

Implementing cage-free egg policies can be challenging, especially in Asia, but these challenges can be overcome. We’re here to help, and we understand each company’s situation is unique.

Our team of experts, with backgrounds in supply chain management, animal science and behavior, and corporate policy, has over a decade of hands on experience working globally with leading food businesses, including egg farmers of all sizes, to do just this. We’ve helped the food sector, from Latin America to Asia, through:

  • Development of policy language

  • Guidance with internal and external communication strategy, to help strengthen business’s brand reputation among media and peers

  • Development of strategic plan and timeline that suit the particular needs of the company, helping set achievable goals that reflect the business’s corporate values

  • Implementation training packages for businesses and their egg suppliers:

    Leading technical workshops with companies and their current egg suppliers

    Organizing farm visits for companies to high welfare cage-free production facilities

    Technical guidance and resources

    Providing most up-to-date technical and scientific information

  • Hosting joint events, conferences, and roundtables that bring together forward-thinking companies and area experts

We’d love to meet and discuss how we can work together to advance your company’s animal welfare sourcing goals in Asia

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